Sunday, December 20, 2015

Web Scraping and Data Analysis with Python

Recently I have been working on a project about predicting stock price. Thanks to the guidance received from dataquest, I was excited to grasp how to use web scraping technique to collect data and how to utilize various Python packages to analyze data and build models. I wish I had knowledge about these techniques back to 2013, when I was involved in a project requiring me to collect a large amount of web data and analyze them. If I had knew the existence of these techniques, I would definitely learn them. And that would make my work more efficient and accurate, since it would be less likely to make a mistake and easy to track if there was something wrong by programming data collection and analysis tasks in Python.

In the past one and a half month, I have read through the following three books. I have found them very helpful by empowering myself with techniques of automating data related tasks in Python.

Just take a look at these books and take away what you need. And you are welcome to check my code on GitHub for the stock price prediction project. The program produces right results. But I am still working on making it better and getting it updated.

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